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We produce a range of content about The Royal Family of United Kingdom. The Royal UK provides you with opinions to breaking news and from pictures to the happenings of The Royal Family. We put in our best effort to cover it all and work hard to make it reach to you the fans of The Royal Family all around the world.

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Why to waste your time with others when you have all the information you need here at The Royal UK ?

Through a lot of research and planning we have built this website. We not only give you the information about the Royal events happening but also with the insider stories, about the history of The Royal Family. Our team is constantly improving and providing you all with the latest updates about The Royal Family. Plus – we are always here to help you with any kinds of problems you face.

Meet The Team

The Royal UK is run by a team of two people who are putting in their best efforts in order to keep you entertained by the news about The Royal Family of United Kingdom.

Pratishtha Mahajan

Co-Founder and Editorial Head


The Royal UK came into existence on 29th April 2017 with the launch of our first website. From there and then only we started to post our blogs on The Royal Family.

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