Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth

9th July marks a very important day in the life of Queen Elizabeth.


Prince Louis, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child, is christened today. And this day has very special significance for his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. 

July 9th coincides to be an important date in Queen Elizabeth’s history. It marks a meaningful anniversary.

July 9th also happens to be an important date in Her Majesty’s history as monarch. On July 9, 1947, Elizabeth (who was still Princess Elizabeth at the time), announced to the world that she was engaged to Philip Mountbatten. 

Following royal tradition, the couple released an official engagement portrait to commemorate the special day. The Queen and Prince Philip had been engaged for at least a year before it was publicly announced.

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Their royal marriage never came as given.

Princess Elizabeth fought to marry her longtime sweetheart, who was seen as a potentially problematic match. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip first met eight years earlier when her family toured the Royal Naval College in Dartmouth. 

And, afterwards began exchanging letters. The heir presumptive was just 13-year-old then. Her Majesty was five years younger than the naval cadet but quickly fell in love.

Philip had descended from Greek and Danish royalty. Though, his relatives were exiled from Greece when he was an infant. And so, his lack of financial standing and place of birth would undoubtedly stir up controversy. 

And so, there came a secret proposal in Scotland in the year 1946.

Queen Elizabeth quickly agreed to the proposal but, her father, King George had the couple wait a year to publicly announce their engagement. Prince Philip renounced his foreign titles and took the royal family’s surname, ‘Mountbatten’ in order to marry the future Queen of England.

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Elizabeth and Philip announced their engagement 71 years ago, making this particular anniversary very impressive. The Queen’s love story with her husband endured several decades.

They can also witness their beloved great-grandchildren get christened on the very day they made their special announcement all those years ago.

Whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge intentionally chose this historic date or not, the christening of Prince Louis today makes this an especially meaningful day for the royal family.