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5 similarities between Duchess Catherine and Diana we all can relate to


In the ’80s and ’90s, it was Diana who took the spotlight, and today, the most prominent young royal woman is her son’s wife, Duchess Catherine.

At first glimpse, it might not seem like Diana and Kate have a ton in common but they are very similar.

The royal fans can never get enough of the British royal family, especially when it comes to the beautiful and glamorous royal ladies. Princess of Wales, Diana, grew up aristocratic, married young, and had a life filled with unwanted scandals. Whereas Kate has had a nearly scandal-free royal life and comes from a middle-class family. But it turns out Kate and Diana have more in common than you would think! Check out some of their biggest similarities below.

Charity is just as important to Kate as it was to Diana

Princess Diana gained fame for her eagerness to devote herself to charity work, frequently taking on causes that weren’t glamorous or were hot-button topics, such as leprosy and AIDS. Duchess Catherine has followed in her footsteps. She’s working with causes such as addiction and mental health, including art therapy for children.

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Fashion Queen

How many of you remember that Princess of Wales, Diana, was amongst the first royal to always wear the latest fashion? Duchess Catherine is a fashion icon herself, what else can we say about her.

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They both held real jobs

Prior to marrying princes and becoming full-time senior members of the British royal family, both Kate and Diana had jobs in the real world. Diana operated as a nanny and as a teacher’s aide for preschool and kindergarten students. In 2006 and 2007, Kate worked with the clothing company Jigsaw as an accessory buyer.

They lived relatively normal early lives

When Kate tied knot with Prince William, much was made of the fact that she was a “commoner” without a royal or noble title. Although her parents were fairly well-off, she did lead a pretty normal life. Diana was from an aristocratic family and she did not gain the title of “lady” until she was 14, when her father acquired the Spencer earldom.

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They met their princes as teenagers

Both Diana and Kate met their royal future husbands at a considerably young age. William and Kate met when she was around 18 or 19, while they were both at the University of St. Andrews, and they began dating a year or two later in 2003. Diana met Prince Charles when she was even younger: she was only 16 when she first met him in 1977 — when he was her sister Sarah’s boyfriend!

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