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Queen Elizabeth doesn’t want us to know these 7 secrets about Prince Charles


The Queen, without any doubt, wish to present her children in the best light possible. As the mum of Prince Charles, the stakes are even higher.

Here, we have some things about Prince Charles that the Queen never wanted us to know about.

He was Britain’s before he was hers: Mere moments after Charles was born, he was whisked away to be viewed by the royal courtiers who had served his grandfather. This was no ordinary newborn. He was Britain’s next king. Unlike Queen Elizabeth II, who did not become heir to the throne until she was ten, Charles was immediately under the public’s intense gaze. 

Prince Philip had him cowed: In his biography of Prince Charles, Dimbleby noted that Charles was often ‘cowed’ by his father’s brusquely critical personality. “Friends who spoke with Charles’ permission described the Duke’s belittling and even bullying his son”, Vanity Fair writes. While Philip’s intention was to help Charles toughen up, it may have been one of the reasons he’s been described as extraordinarily sensitive.

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Queen Elizabeth wasn’t there for him when he was ill: When Charles was bed-ridden with the Asian flu while at boarding school, the Queen declined to visit him. She wrote him a farewell letter instead. Four years later, when Prince Charles came down with the measles, she declined again. It was because she and Philip were on a tour, in India. 

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Gordonstoun wasn’t his first boarding school: It’s widely known now that Her Majesty wasn’t pleased with The Crown‘s depiction of Charles’ experience at Gordonstoun. But what the show doesn’t address is that he had already attended another boarding school. Charles was originally enrolled in Cheam School in Hampshire. There he suffered from acute homesickness. He clutched his teddy bear and cried frequently in private.

She thought Charles was a slow developer: Initially, Her Majesty thought Charles was a slow developer. Clearly, she no longer thinks this as she has been handing over more and more of her royal duties to her son.

The Prince of Wales is quite fussy: The Prince of Wales is demanding when it comes to creature comforts, apparently, insisting on travelling with his own linens and toilet paper. It’s been said he also travels with his own toilet seat, although he denied it. 

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The Queen has more in common with her daughter, Anne: One of the Queen’s great love in life is horses. She adores them as sentient creatures and she adores riding. Charles, by contrast, did not take to horses as a young boy.

He was timid on horseback, unlike his sister Anne, who was bold. Princess Anne’s equine prowess pleased her mother. And Philip saw a kindred spirit in her confidence and fearlessness.

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