Prince Harry

7 reasons why Prince Harry is the coolest Prince of all time

Prince Harry

Read below to see all the moments that Prince Harry proved that he is still the coolest royal on the planet.

These are the reasons why we find ourselves falling even more in love with Prince Harry.

With his floppy ginger hair and cheeky smile it is hard not to like Prince Harry, but when he stands up for women’s rights, treks across the South Pole for charity and proves to be a great uncle to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, 

He urged the public to get HIV tested by taking the test himself – Proving that actions speak louder than words, Prince Harry was more than happy to get a blood test done to prove to others how easy HIV testing is.

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He set up the Invictus Games for wounded service people – Since his time in the armed forces, Prince Harry has done all he can to raise awareness and money for injured service people that have served their country. As part of his initiative, the royal set up the Invictus Games, a sporting competition for ‘wounded warriors.

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He supports women’s rights – During his royal tour to Nepal, Harry spoke out about the need to support women’s rights in developing countries. “There are way too many obstacles between girls and the opportunities they deserve…so many countries and cultures are failing to protect the opportunities of young women and girls in the way they do for boys”

He’s a total daredevil – Prince Harry is an adrenaline junkie! Prince Charles youngest son loves riding a horse at thunder-speed across a polo field, driving fast cars and performing daredevil tricks in fighter planes.

He’s the coolest uncle to Prince George – The two cheeky Princes have quickly become the closest of friends. As well as sharing a love of planes, the two have grown close by playing trucks together, but that doesn’t mean that Prince George won’t call out his uncle for being uncharacteristically quiet during the Obamas’ visit to England.

“Throughout he was like, ‘Uncle Harry, why are you so quiet?'” recounted Michelle during an appearance on Good Morning America. Laughing, Harry added: “Usually I’m throwing him around the room and stuff.”

He totally owns being a redhead – He is the first one to make a joke about being ginger, but let’s be honest Harry rocks being a redhead.

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He challenged the fastest man on the planet to a race, and won (kind of) – He isn’t afraid of some healthy competition, and he demonstrated this when he challenged Usain Bolt, a 100m sprint Olympic Gold Medallist, to a race over 30 metres.

Although usually, an advocate for fair play, the Prince waited until the sprinter’s back was turned, dashed off down the track and threw his arms open wide as he crossed the finish line first. This bold move had spectators in hysterics.

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