Kate Middleton

6 people in Kate Middleton’s secret squad


When Kate Middleton is not looking after her children or enjoying a quiet night with Prince William and her family, who does she choose to spend her time with?

Here is the list of Duchess of Cambridge’s secret squad members.

  • Trini Foyle.

Trini is a former Marlborough friend. She was Kate’s constant and a stable companion in London during the year she and Prince William went through their breakup. In more recent times they have been spotted walking in Kensington Gardens together. Trini was also photographed in a box with Kate Middleton when she went to Cirque du Soleil for her birthday. Trini and her husband sat with James Middleton and other members of Kate Middleton’s family.

  • James and Laura Meade.

James is one of Prince William’s oldest friends. But when The Duke of Cambridge and Kate went through their breakup in 2007, James was photographed with Kate and so is clearly very loyal to Kate too.

James was also seen at the church service with the Royal Family the day after Kate’s birthday this year. So we can say that he too was around to help The Duchess of Cambridge celebrate her birthday. He and his wife Laura are Norfolk neighbours of Prince William and Kate, and James is like a godfather to Princess Charlotte.

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  • Hugh and Rose van Cutsem.

Their beloved daughter, Grace was a bridesmaid at the Royal Wedding. The couple also lives near Prince William and Kate with their three children. Hugh is van Cutsem brother who is a son of Prince Charles’ best friend from Cambridge, and so William has grown up with him.

He and Kate Middleton are close to them all. So not only do the parents socialize together, but Prince George and Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis already have plenty of youngsters to play with.

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  • Pippa Middleton.

Well, this one is just too obvious. Kate and Pippa were born just 20 months apart and have been best friends as well as sisters since then. With the same passions, interests, taste in clothes and friends, they were the perfect roommates. The Middleton sisters are still on holiday together. Also, Pippa is observed to be a frequent visitor to Anmer Hall.

  • Rebecca Deacon.

As Kate Middleton’s private secretary, it is Rebecca’s job to be constantly by her side. But the pair is also close friends. Rebecca first came across the Royals when she worked for Prince Harry’s charity Sentebale.

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It was before moving into the private office of Prince William and Prince Harry. After William and Kate got engaged, she chose Rebecca to be her right-hand woman. Now, as time has passed on, they have become even closer.

  • Natasha Archer.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate’s team has also become a trusted and faithful friend. Well officially, Natasha is Kate Middleton’s PA, and she is also the closest Kate has to a stylist. Natasha too travels the world with Kate. She was one of the first people to arrive at the hospital when Kate gave birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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