Prince Charles

5 weird claims about Prince Charles from the upcoming book: ‘Rebel Prince’.


Prince Charles has an image of a cold-hearted person ever since his marriage to Diana fall out. But, his reputation has undergone a restoration in two decades. 

This includes what appears to be a warmer and strong relationship with his sons, William and Harry.

This is precisely why Charles and his courtiers will not be pleased with ‘Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles’. It’s a new book by British investigative writer, Tom Bower set to publish March 22 in the U.K. 

Wondering what’s there in the book?

In his book, Bower has written controversial bios of Virgin founder: Richard Branson, Formula One boss: Bernie Ecclestone, former prime ministers: Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and Mohamed Fayed.

Natalie Forster, a press secretary for Prince Charles, declined to comment on Bower’s book or on any of its claims. The most noteworthy insights:

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William had to get Queen Elizabeth to intervene.

When Charles disrespect Kate Middleton’s mother. When William and Kate took their kids to spend Christmas with the Middleton’s in Bucklebury instead of with the royals, his father believed they were enjoying a close relationship with the grandchildren at his expense.

Courtiers loyal to Charles then began snubbing Carole Middleton during get-together. An incensed William took the issue to Queen Elizabeth, who invited Middleton to Balmoral. There she had a cameraman film them driving around the estate together.

He was blind to his sons’ resentment of Camilla following Diana’s death.

Bower writes that the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla’s presence in those early years after their mother, Diana’s death damaged Charles’ relationship with his sons. Why? That’s because they saw Camilla as a constant reminder of their mother’s torment.

The author also says that the staff at Clarence House, noticed that both the boys made use of the servants’ entrance to avoid running into either their dad or his girlfriend.

Prince Charles was worried the public would ignore him and Camilla in favour of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Well, his concern was seemingly validated when Canada asked him to postpone his own tour until after William and Kate had visited. When people hushed of Kate becoming the first commoner Queen, Camilla corrected them. She said: “That’ll be me”.

He’s super self-indulgent and it’s all to get back at his father.

Some sources interviewed by Bower say Charles’ fondness for finery, including his preference for private planes and trains, is not something ordinary. It’s a form of revenge against Prince Philip, who insisted that Charles attend his alma mater. That was non-luxurious Gordonstoun School in Scotland, instead of Eton.

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Prince Charles once sent two bedrooms’ worth of furniture ahead of an overnight visit to friends.

Bower also claims that before one visit to a friend in the north, the Duke of Cornwall, Charles dispatched a truck to ferry the entire contents of his and wife Camilla’s bedrooms. It was complete with his own bed, linens, toilet seat, liquor, bottled water and art.