Queen Elizabeth

5 everyday things Queen Elizabeth has never done in her lifetime.


The 96-year-old reigning monarch has met 12 US presidents and has travelled all over the globe. But here are a few things, she hasn’t done yet.

There are still a few commoner things that even she hasn’t done.

1. She’s never voted: Legally speaking, the monarch is allowed to vote. But according to Buckingham Palace protocol, Her Majesty must remain neutral on any political matters and is unable to vote or stand for election.

2. She never went to school: Queen Elizabeth is an educated woman despite never being taught in a real-life classroom. She and her sister, Princess Margaret, were tutored privately by the country’s best tutors that royalty could buy. 

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She even studied constitutional history and law just to prepare for her future role as the Queen. 

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3. Her Majesty never had a social media account

Most of the British royal family does not have their own personal social media account. Although, Prince Andrew and his daughter, Princess Eugenie do. But, this is because they have accounts like Kensington Palace and The Royal Family tweeting and posting pictures of their latest philanthropic gig for them.

4. Queen Elizabeth never took a driver’s license test

Since driver’s licenses are issued in the name of her Majesty, she can drive wherever and whenever she pleases without that little document. Even as a princess, she didn’t need to take the test, because royals were chauffeured from place to place. Although, she learned how to drive during her time serving in World War as a first-aid truck driver. 

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5. She’s never held a 9 to 5 job

Her Majesty has never had to work a typical 9 AM to 5 PM office job a day in her life. Even though being the reigning monarch of England is a 24/7 job, it sure is worth it.  

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