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5 times Prince Harry & Meghan showed us what true love looks like

Prince Harry

It’s been almost three years since Prince Harry and Meghan tied the knot and in the meantime, they have easily become an example of what true love looks like.

Every time Prince Harry and Meghan are seen together, it’s pretty obvious how much they care about each other. 

Of course, Harry’s most extraordinary romantic gesture of all is perhaps the fact that he gave up his royal life and went to another country. How on earth do we all find a partner like that? From the quieter moments between the couple that have been captured on camera to the things they’ve said about each other through their relationship, just seeing them together is enough to make us believe in love.

And now that the couple is about to welcome their second child, we can only imagine that love is going to grow. Here are the top 5 sweetest moments between Harry and Meghan that show that the love between them is real. Agree or disagree about their choice to walk away from the royal family — there’s no arguing that they’re an example of what true love looks like.

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Early Dating Days

In the early part of their relationship photos of them were few and far between. But moments like this, when they were at the closing ceremony of the 2017 Invictus Games, show how much fun they were having together. Such chemistry!

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Harry’s Very First Defense of Meghan

The couple decided to keep things private between them as long as they could, but they were forced to go public when Meghan began getting harassed by the press. Prince Harry released a statement, making it clear that he would not tolerate it.

A Sweet Wedding Moment

Many royal fans in the United States got up way too early to watch Meghan and Harry tie the knot. After Meghan joined Harry at the altar, he whispered to her, “You look amazing. I’m so lucky.” Why is he so perfect?!

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A Little PDA

One of the main reasons that we miss Harry and Meghan’s Instagram account so much is seeing moments like this. They were just out on a royal engagement together, and the camera captured them all snuggled up. A little PDA can definitely be a good thing and shows how much these two care about each other.

Leaving Royal Life

The ultimate show of love definitely had to be when Harry and Meghan walked away from royal life together. It wasn’t working for them as a couple, and more than that, it wasn’t working for Meghan and her mental health. It was a big sacrifice, and they’ve both paid for it in stress, but it was out of love.

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