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5 instances when Queen Elizabeth was a total boss at the royal wedding!

Queen Elizabeth

Well, Elizabeth is the Queen so that makes her the boss anyway. But, what about the time when it’s a royal wedding? Who is the boss then? 

It’s Queen Elizabeth, of course. 

On the 19th of May, Meghan Markle may have been the royal bride, but there’s only one Queen. Here we have five things you might have missed about the Queen’s appearance at Prince Harry’s wedding.

She was the last to arrive before the bride: According to the royal protocols, it is said that the most senior member of the royal family, that is, Queen Elizabeth arrives last at events and engagements. However, exceptions are made in the case of occasions like a wedding. So, she exited her car alongside Prince Philip just before Meghan came. 

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Wearing bright green is the ultimate power move: Wearing an electric shade at an American wedding might be seen as trying to steal focus from the bride. Same way, Her Majesty always wears vibrant colours, and her beloved grandson’s wedding day was no exception. According to our research, Queen Elizabeth wore vibrant colours to stand out for people to be able to say ‘I saw the Queen’.

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She had the best seat in the house. 

Some people said that the empty seat next to Prince William during the ceremony was a tribute to the late Princess Diana. And, the empty seat at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, in reality, was a matter of royal protocol.

A royal insider explained that the seat in front of the Queen is always left empty. Why? So that she can have a nice view. The insider also revealed that her favourite spot was where the Queen was seated.

She didn’t sing ‘God save the Queen’ at the ceremony: Well, this one is pretty simple we guess. When you actually think about it, it might be a little awkward to sing a song about yourself.

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When she finished eating at the reception, everyone also finished eating. 

Well, this one is an unspoken rule of royal dining etiquette. When you are so blessed that you get a chance to have lunch with Queen Elizabeth, you have to go by the rules. And, the rule here is, that once the Queen takes her last bite, you should too. 

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