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You won’t BELIEVE what Queen Elizabeth need to do at the airport.


THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND, ELIZABETH, is the only person in the United Kingdom who doesn’t need a passport when travelling. Nevertheless, she still has to follow a set of procedures.

Queen Elizabeth is the most travelled person in the history of the Royals. She has covered thousands of air miles and taken hundreds of official duties abroad.
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During her reign, she has already visited more than 120 countries on 270 foreign trips. During all these years, she has covered over a million miles while travelling. One thing that she doesn’t need to have is a PASSPORT when going abroad. Despite all this, she still needs to do one important procedure before leaving the UK.

She has had to give details including her full name, age, address, nationality, and place of birth

Whenever she enters or leaves Britain, the Queen must have her identity checked. Since the year 2009, she has been giving her full details.
Queen Elizabeth II doesn’t have a passport but still has to go through checks

All this is done, to be “checked against terrorist and criminal watch lists.”
This procedure was put in place because, as royal fans will know, the Queen doesn’t have a passport. In fact, she is the only person in the UK who doesn’t need one.
Queen Elizabeth doesn’t have a passport because they are issued in the name of the head of state. The Royal website claims: “As a British passport is issued in the Queen’s name, it is unnecessary for her to possess one”. Including Prince Philip and Prince Charles, the rest of the royal family need to have one.
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It isn’t the only secret about the royal family fans might be interested in. 

They often travel by private plane but on the occasion that they don’t, they choose to go by British Airways.

The Queen used to take the scheduled flights from 1952 until the late 1990’s.
Even Kate Middleton was spotted on a British Airways plane in 2016 during a flight to Rotterdam.