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Prince William’s sweet nickname for his wife, Kate Middleton.


While most of the people and the royal fans, uses Kate Middleton, the Duke of Cambridge, William calls his wife Catherine. This is her actual name.

However, Catherine is not the only name he calls his wife by.

There is one more sweet and cute nickname that Prince William has given his wife, Kate Middleton. But, it’s not only the Duke of Cambridge who has a nickname for her.

There is one more royal.

According to some special reports, it was discovered that Prince Harry also has a pet name for his sister-in-law, Catherine. It’s really rather sweet for Harry refers to her as Cath. It’s the kind of nickname that makes sense for it fits in with her actual name.

However, the reports also say that, Prince William also has a nickname for his wife. And it’s one of those nauseatingly sweet nicknames that we really can’t deal with.

So, what is it?

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The nickname for his wife is none other than ‘poppet’. Way back in 2013, when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced their first born, Prince George to the world for the first time, William was heard to call Kate ‘poppet’.

On their way back into the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, the Duke of Cambridge, William apparently used the pet name when speaking to his wife, according to The Daily Mail.

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A little cringe but it’s cute all the same.

However, they’re also thought to call each other ‘babe’ and darling. They attended the Chelsea Flower Show in 2016. And Kate Middleton was overheard calling his husband, William ‘babe’ while reminding him they had a particular kind of shrub at home.