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Prince William and Prince Harry are planning some major changes to Kensington Palace

Prince Harry

There are major changes coming to Kensington Palace. Prince William and Prince Harry are actually revising the way things work at the palace and may even “go their separate ways”.

That sounds a bit extreme, isn’t it?

But apparently, it’s all down to streamline their daily routines as they both have very different roles. This news was shared over the weekend by Roya Nikkhah, the royal correspondent for The Sunday Times.

Things appear to be different now?

Well, yes! It appears that the brothers together with their wives will now go down different paths. Roya tweeted the news, a major royal exclusive, explaining that “the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex are preparing to go their separate ways”.

“Prince William and Prince Harry are considering plans to split the Kensington Palace household and create two separate courts as their future roles with Kate and Meghan diverge”.

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It’s a little difficult to imagine how this might work.

But now, that both royal brothers are married and have their own families to look after, it’s clear that their lives are changing.

This plan has been referred to a “royal division”. Although, that makes it sounds slightly more negative than it actually is. Also, it’s believed that now is the perfect timing as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan are expecting their first child.

In time, William is likely to become the Prince of Wales and this will mean more official responsibilities. While Harry has undertaken other projects including the introduction of the Invictus Games.

They are likely to create separate households.

This will end up resulting in a ‘split’ of Kensington Palace. But how and when this plan will be implemented upon is anyone’s guess. A royal source told The Royal UK:-

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“The brothers have leant on each other and looked after each other since their mother died. But now they have their own families, they no longer rely on each other as they used to”.

With all this said, we all just have to wait and see what happens next.