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How Prince William is still trying to keeps his Mother’s, Diana, memory alive?

Prince William once promised that his mother would always be an integral part of his life. Now with one remarkable action, he has gone a long way, ensuring that he keeps his words. 

He has done it by a ruthless establishment to airbrush his mother from her place in Royal History are not just stalled but halted in their tracks.

On the day of Prince William’s engagement, he promised that his mother would always be part of his life by presenting Kate Middleton with Princess Diana’s unique sapphire ring. There is a deep unhappiness associated with that diamond-encrusted sapphire. It was seen at that time as a risky, even fatalistic gesture. Some even feared that he was saddling his fiancee with an impossibly heavy burden.

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Now four and a half years later, Prince William has made that undertaking about his mother even more permanent. Indeed, by giving the baby Princess Charlotte the names of both his mother and grandmother, Prince William has sent a clear signal about the kind of King he intends to be. Conventional on the one hand, but spirited and single-minded on the other.


Prince William has shown, that he is not afraid to take on those vested powers who ever since Diana’s death have sought to diminish her reputation.
Over theses past 20 years since Princess Diana’s death, it has seemed as if Prince William did not have the courage to fight those who wanted to turn his mother into the forgotten Princess. But the truth is, he has had to walk a tightrope knowing that even within his own family there was an implacable opposition to her.

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Friends and fans had accepted that no sculpture was commissioned. Since Princess Diana was such a vital and life-enhancing figure, no representation could do her justice. The message now could not be clearer. Princess Diana is a non-negotiable part of his life.

Prince William and Princess Diana, 1997

By choosing Elizabeth, Prince William ensures that this most Royal of names continues at the top of the Royal Family for another generation. Prince Charles is doubly thrilled. As it continues the thread to his beloved grandmother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

More than anyone, Prince William knows the risks of selecting the name Diana. Prince William was adamant that would not happen. Ever since losing his mother, he has been frustrated by all the criticism he got. Which was that he has not done enough to celebrate Princess Diana’s life.
On the contrary, Prince William in his quiet way, has done precisely that for a very long time now.



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  1. So many of the articles on this page are complete rubbish. It’s like a monthly insert out of The Sun, which is an absurd paper, known for no fact- checking. All you need to do is go to the official Facebook page of the royal family. There you will hear the news they’ve “officially” announced. These online blog if you will, is only stating gossip it has pulled from various non- credited rags. I do love your use of “according to a source close to the royal family”… which is just another way of saying you made this up! Like the story on here about Hee Majesty The Queen having made the decision to make William Queen instead of Prince Charles. That is a complete lie. Followed your page for one day, then read your content the next day. Today I’m unfollowing as your just reporting lies. Yet these individuals commenting are too uneducated to realize what you’ve printed is complete fallacies.

    1. Hey there I thoroughly read your comment. I realise that you are completely against our content and our website. That’s completely okay though. They say with good things comes the bad things too. Bad thing? This is just one of them. I noticed you said that we are just copying it from somewhere or the other websites and stuff. Well that’s not true. Yes, we do look up to the other articles just to get an idea but we don’t copy it. Also, we are a group of people handling a website, working on it, making information reach to our potential readers. And yet, you are telling us and correcting us? Let me just make out some of your mistakes which is just in the comment you did. I am guessing you are a British? In your comment you mentioned: “Like the story on here about Hee Majesty The Queen having made the decision to make William Queen instead of Prince Charles”. Some corrections Mr Alan: First its not Hee it’s Her Majesty. The second one? Queen Elizabeth will make William King not Queen if at all she wants to. Talking about us putting rubbish content? Look at your comment and probably start your school again? Maybe this will help you write a better comment the next time. Thanks though.

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