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Prince William and Kate Middleton set up a web-page for third royal baby?

Royal Baby

What is the meaning of a royal baby when you don’t have the perks of being one? Hence, William and Kate have set-up a new web-page for their third royal baby.

The royal couple, William and Kate will welcome their third child soon in the month of April.

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The Duke of Cambridge, William and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate are due to welcome their third child together in a matter of weeks. And so, a new web-page fully dedicated to the royal baby has been set-up on the royal family’s official website.

What the page will be like? What information will it provide to the royal fans?

The new page promises to share updates about the new arrival as soon as they become available. This page is set-up in addition to the Kensington Royal Twitter account. Prince William and Kate are due to welcome their third royal baby next month.

Excitement surrounding the arrival of the new royal baby has mounted in recent weeks.

Well, that’s pretty obvious. It has also been suggested that the mother of two, is expected to welcome her baby on 23 April. A source tells us: “There’s no certainty with the due dates, of course. But, Kate is working off a date around St George’s Day, and it would indeed be a lovely patriotic coincidence if he or she were born then”.

“And if at all Kate’s very late, as she was with George’s birth, she could even make it a very special wedding anniversary present to William. They celebrate seven years of marriage on 29 April”.

There has been a great deal of speculation about the gender of the royal baby.

Initially, it was thought that Kate was expecting another little girl. However, after making two official public engagements dressed all in blue earlier this month, she has now led royal watchers to believe the new addition could be a boy.

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Fans have also been challenging each other on what the couple will name their third child. Arthur and Henry being popular choices for a baby boy and Mary, Alice and Victoria all top contenders for a baby girl.