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Prince William and Kate Middleton just revealed their biggest parenting nightmare.


As their admirers, we spend so much time talking and obsessing about the royal family. What they wear and do, it all seems so interesting to us common folks.

However, sometimes we forget that at the end of the day, these royals are just like us, humans.

Lets take the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate for example. Sure, they are destined to be the future King and Queen of England, but they’re also parents.

And we all know that this is not an easy job.

During the week, Prince William and Kate Middleton visited the BBC. It was to attend an engagement for Anti Bullying Week. The royal couple spoke about how they worry about their children, and spending time online.

Its obvious that they don’t have to worry about social media just yet. But kids of all ages are spending more and more time online these days. The Duke of Cambridge admitted working out a balance for online time was quite a difficult task.

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During the interview, the Duke of Cambridge said:-

“We still haven’t worked out what the right balance is for online time. It’s quite difficult and it’s still a very fluid dynamic. We’re going to have that discussion with our family”.

“How on earth are we going to police and have family time when the phones are all put down and you’re offline”? Because we are all so connected now that we’ve got to say, ‘right, for instance, we’re eating now'”.

Prince William questioned how other parents tackle the issue.

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He said: “This generation is going to be the first generation to grow up fully immersed in mobile phones, social media and lots of other stuff. And yet our generation, the older and the parent generation, we’re completely left at”.

“Can anyone tell us, how do we deal with this? Where do we go to? Where do you learn about how to look after your children’s digital world”?