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How William, Kate, Meghan and Harry are free because Diana made huge sacrifice?


Princess Diana made a monumental sacrifice to ensure that William, Kate, Meghan and Harry have more freedom as members of the British royal family.

 Diana’s life was very difficult as a royal.

The people’s princess revealed in some secret interviews that she was uncomfortable being in the system. But, she refused to abandon it for a very powerful reason.

When asked if she would leave the monarchy in its current format or would she alter it for William, Diana said she was already making changes from behind the scenes.

In a secret interview Princess Diana said:- 

“I am altering it for mt son, William, but in a subtle way. William’s learning what I do, to a certain extent he has got an insight of what’s coming his way. He is not hid upstairs with the governess”.

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These bombshell and candid comments tells us Diana was leading by example to show Prince William how his devoted mother was paving the way for him to have an easier time in the public eye.

Diana was also asked what her biggest achievement had been as a member of the Royal Family.

She replied: “To not bow down to pressure. You know, not let all this disturb me. It took me almost six years to get comfortable in this skin. These revelations were unearthed last year”. 

Diana participated in secret interviews in 1991 that were recorded with permission by a close friend on behalf of journalist Andrew Morton.

She said: “I was just so desperate. I knew what was wrong with me, but nobody else understood me. The only thing I needed was to rest and to be looked after inside my house. I wanted people to understand the torment and the anguish going on in my head”.

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Diana added how she made the sacrifice of her own happiness.

Diana said: “Because I had a smile on my face everybody thought I was having a wonderful time. That’s what they chose to think and they were happier thinking that”.

“It didn’t get any easier, I just got used to what people required from the Princess of Wales. History fascinated me but I never thought I would end up in the system, in the books”.