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Prince William just accidentally reveal the sex of royal baby.


Since we got to know that William and Kate are expecting their third baby, speculations have gone about the gender of the baby. 

After an exciting soccer match, the Duke of Cambridge makes a possibly telling comment.

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As we near the arrival of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child, anticipation mounts as the barricades have gone up around the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge will be giving birth.

Well, the thing up for debate and in question is whether George and Charlotte will have a baby brother or a baby sister?

We don’t want to make too much of this, but Prince William does seem to have provided a potentially major clue about the sex of the baby this week. William watched from the stands on Tuesday as his preferred soccer team, Aston Villa, took on their rivals, Cardiff City.

He looked to be extremely pleased when his squad was victorious. Afterwards, high on the win, he told player, Jack Grealish, who had scored the winning goal: “I’m going to insist the baby is called Jack”. He then took a long pause and quickly added: or Jackie, maybe”.

Now, this could have been a completely meaningless comment, something like a joke.

William was talking to a guy named Jack. So, he said that he was going to name his baby Jack. It is not related at all to whether he’s having a boy or a girl.

Though, according to many reporters, the couple don’t even know the baby’s sex. Or, however, it could be an extremely telling slip. Or maybe he’s actually known for months he’s having a boy. And, even forgets sometimes the world doesn’t know like he does.

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Right now, favourites are Albert and Arthur if they end up having a boy. If it’s a girl, Alice and Mary are the ones among the favourites. The Buckingham Palace has not yet confirmed Kate’s due date. But, most reports have it at April 23.