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The heartbreaking vow Prince William made to his beloved mother, Diana.


Prince Charles and Diana’s divorce was depressing not only for themselves but also had a bad effect on their sons, William and Harry. 

They were just two kids who saw their parents getting separated. 

It came as a shock to Prince William and after seeing her mother, he made a vow. When Charles and Diana ended their marriage in 1996, their oldest son, William, was barely 14 years old. At that time, he was a student at Eton College and was studying biology, art history, geography and played soccer and water polo as well.

He hadn’t yet begun his official royal duties or military career by then.

For all contexts and purposes, he was a just normal teenager. Besides, the whole being the king of your country one day, as a teenager, you tend to be pretty bummed about it and their parents splitting up.

However, he had royal blood in him and had gone through a lot, which indeed made him mature at a very small age. As second in line to the British throne, William recognised and realised his future power.

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He was able to feel his mother’s pain. William there and then made a vow or promise to his mother that is both, incredibly adorable and incredibly heartbreaking.

Charles and Diana’s divorce was finalised in August 1996. But some drama surrounding her royal title continued. 

According to some reports, Queen Elizabeth wanted to let Diana keep the style of her royal highness. But then, Charles was ‘adamant’ that she give it up. Instead, she was given the title: Diana, Princess of Wales.

The loss of her title and separation from the rest of the family was in such a way that she had to curtsy to those who had it. This most importantly included her own children.

Prince William is said to have comforted his mother in a very special way, given his age. After the loss of her title, he said: “Don’t worry mummy, I will give it back to you one day when I am king”.

Tragically, Diana was killed in a car crash just little over a year after William made this pretty touching vow to her.

In the decades following her death, both, William and his brother, Harry, have opened up about their mother. They have shared stories about their time with her.

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They have indeed honoured her impact, with the charities they support and the traditions she’s passed on to them.