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Here’s a Video of Meghan Markle Pretending to Be a Queen in 1990.

Meghan Markle

On May 19th 2018, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and became the newest member of the British royal family. Proof that it was all fate and written in her destiny. 

Meghan and Harry’s wedding has seemed inevitable since they went public with their relationship.

(Harry’s unprecedented decision to issue a statement via Kensington Palace defending Meghan made it clear that the couple was very serious). But, it looks like Meghan’s future as a royal might have been fated since as far back as 1990.

In a video uncovered by the Daily Mail, Meghan can be seen acting out her future as royalty. The video in question was shot at her friend Ninaki Priddy’s ninth birthday celebration. In it, Meghan (who was eight at the time), played a queen in a backyard play known as Your Royal Highness.

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“The show was known as Your Royal Highness and the star was meg,” Ninaki mentioned. “It’s very funny to visualize this now and given what’s happening with her life it’s quite eye-opening. She was invariably the centre of attention, always the ringleader—it was my birthday but she took the leading role!”

The video looks to foreshadow 2 important things about Meghan’s life—her career as an actress and her new role as a royal.

Click here to watch the video of Meghan Markle acting as the Queen.

Meghan took the lead, guiding the miniature film (which seems to have been improvised). Naturally, she played the queen and cast her friends as subjects. How’s that for a natural born leader?

It’s important to notice, of course, that Meghan won’t be a queen in real life, at least for now. After her marriage with Harry, Queen Elizabeth gave them the title of Duke and a Duchess just like she did with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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With the birth of William and Kate’s third kid, Harry is sixth in line for the throne, creating it extremely unlikely that Meghan can ever formally be a queen—but we tend to continuously have this video.