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Twitter slams Marie Claire’s article which was all about Meghan’s single grey hair.


Marie Claire is an international monthly magazine. It was published in the United Kingdom in the year 1941. Since then it’s editions are published in many countries. 

Recently, Marie Claire published an article about Meghan Markle having a single strand of grey hair. 

The recent article in question pointed out that Meghan has a ‘single grey hair’. This suggested that she is a human. It quickly prompted fury online.

Must be wondering how?

Well, many readers bashed the publication for pointing out such a minor detail in the future royal bride’s appearance. In fact, many were quick to call out the magazine’s website on Twitter. 

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People had gone crazy about all this. 

Some users joked about their own grey hair. While others lashed out in a much angrier way. Some went as far as to label the article ‘disgusting’ and ‘ridiculous’.

Well, the title of the original article reads: ‘Meghan Markle Has a Single Gray Hair’ while the subhead adds: ‘And it’s magnificent’.

The author, Sally Holmes did not pose Meghan in a negative light. But, a number of social media users were outraged that the article was even published.

Within few hours of publishing the story, Twitter was flooded with furious users calling out to the magazine. Few said:-

“Shame on Marie Claire for this nonsense about Meghan Markle and a grey hair. Hopefully God will forgive Meghan for committing the unpardonable sin of having a grey hair”.

Another user said: “That’s disgusting in my opinion. Marie Claire as a women’s magazine has to support women. It is totally normal to have it”. 

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Despite all the hatred people expressed towards the magazine, many chose to share their exasperation through jokes.

“If Meghan Markle’s lone grey hair on her head is news, my grey pubes is available for interviews”, one comment read.

Another said: “I can’t believe Meghan Markle’s grey hair is single. It’s a total catch. I’m really tired of people saying this isn’t the most important story of 2018”.