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Twitter burns Queen Elizabeth for appearing too rich in her Christmas speech.


Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas speech was broadcasted in the United Kingdom at 3 PM. Her speech had a deep meaning and a good holiday spirit.

However, some people didn’t like the setting she was in.

Her Majesty was blasted on Twitter for delivering ‘Queen’s Speech by sitting before a gold piano’. Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth is the most revered monarch in the world.

Although, yesterday didn’t turn out as expected.

The Queen is the only person enjoying privileges like being able to travel world without even carrying a passport. Among many more, she resides in an actual palace, also known as Buckingham Palace.

The Buckingham Place is, known to be among the most lavish private estates in the world. However, Queen Elizabeth was recently dissed on Twitter for delivering her speech while sitting before a lavish gold piano.

She was blasted for appearing ‘out of touch’ during the event.

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An avalanche of reactions on social media have caused a storm in the tea-cup. Here, have a look:-

The comments were as follows:-

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One posted on Twitter: “Always warms an old republican’s heart to see the billionaire head of an antiquated institution, surrounding themselves with gold in their modest 775-roomed detached home. While others are f***ing struggling to make ends meet”.

Others highlighted the plight of food bank users over Christmas. Another wrote: “Queen says, from her humble and modest surroundings, family kept her ‘well occupied’ over the year”.

“I suspect the thousands of mums and dads that use food banks and struggle on Universal Credit each week could say the same”.