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The subtle tricks Meghan Markle uses to prevent Prince Harry from getting upset.

Prince Harry

From her very first royal engagement in December of 2017, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan has been poised and confident in the limelight. 

 However, lately she’s been careful to ensure her star power doesn’t eclipse her husband.

According to a body language expert Judi James, the former American actress, initially seemed to have the upper hand. She seemed dominate the conversation in their engagement interview.

Although now, after realising it, she has started using techniques such as standing slightly behind Prince Harry at events and allowing him to ferry her along when they’re holding hands.

But that’s not to say that Meghan has become submissive.

And, that is because she uses ‘quasi maternal’ gestures such as rubbing Harry’s back to secure that. To this, Judy said:- “All successful marriages are based on finely-tuned and often fluctuating power signals that form a complimentary fit for the married couple”.

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“Meghan Markle arrived in the UK as a confident, eloquent, grown-up bride-to-be with a glittering Hollywood career. She campaigns for women’s equality”.

“In fact, she had a far more professional approach to all the press attention and interviews than Prince Harry”. 

Right from the very start we could see that it was Meghan controlling, leading Harry.

The new bride did it via gestures like arm-rubs, pats and other subtle tie-signs. At the time of their engagement interview, she sat to the front during the interview. 

Judy added:-

“Once they were married though royal protocol kicked in. While a constant scene-stealing trait from Meghan could have alienated the public and her husband”. 

“Unlike his dad, Prince Harry is a lovable royal star with his own strong fan base. He’s also served with the military so taking a more compliant role might have caused ego and status problems”.

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Judi believes Meghan has learned the delicate balance of mothering while ego boosting from her time as an actress.

“Her technique of stepping back and pushing Harry forward might be intrinsic to her skills and experience. Hierarchy is clearly and emphatically defined in the acting profession in today’s world”.

“Actors who get work will know their place in terms of not upstaging the bigger names on the bill. Although, they will also work to gradually raise their own profile to get to the top”.