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What titles will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s children have?

Meghan Markle

Well, now that Prince Harry is married with Meghan Markle, it’s obvious they will start their family planning. If not just now, then after sometime. 

And when they do, they would be styled as ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ and take the surname Mountbatten-Windsor.

In the year 1960, Queen Elizabeth decreed that any descendants of the royal family that were not princes or princesses will be carrying the name ‘Mountbatten-Windsor’, to reflect the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip’s surname.

Then in the year 2012, Her Majesty issued letter patent making some amendments. It allowed all the children of the Duke of Cambridge, William to be styled as prince or princess.

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If Queen Elizabeth hadn’t taken this step, Princess Charlotte would be known as ‘Lady Charlotte Mountbatten-Windsor’.

When Prince of Wales, Charles ascends to the British throne, the line of succession will change its ways and paths. Many members of the British Royal Family will be receiving new titles.

Prince Harry, who was formally ‘His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales’ is now officially ‘His Royal Highness The Prince Henry’. He has also now got a new title by Queen Elizabeth.

His new title is ‘The Duke of Sussex’. His new bride, Meghan Markle is ‘Her Royal Highness The Princess Henry’. And, she also has the new title of ‘The Duchess of Sussex’.

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We have seen and observed many times that Prince Harry is quite affectionate towards kids. He, a few months ago passed a statement saying he is looking forward to start a family of his own now.

So, its certain that the world will be introduced to the kids of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex soon enough. Any children, in the near future they have would then be upgraded to prince or princess.



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