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Royal Threat: Meghan is breaking rules too quickly as she modernises the royal family.


The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s intentions may be well-placed. However, royal biographer, Claudia Joseph says her actions could alienate royalists.

The new royal bride risks sparking outrage among royal fans.

But, only if she continues trying to modernise the monarchy too quickly. Claudia Joseph said Meghan’s intentions to bring the family into the 21st century are well placed. 

But warns she could alienate royalists. 

Speaking to the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, Claudia said the recent media hype around Meghan was caused by her tendency to push the boundaries.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have raised a few eyebrows with their repeated PDAs. And Meghan has also broken protocol with off-the-shoulder outfits and dark nail varnish.

Claudia Joseph said:-

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“I think the reality is people admire Meghan because she’s trying to bring the royal family into the 21st century. But, she’s doing it very quickly”.

“And so, royalists aren’t going to like that. As because it’s too much. The reality is that, Kate Middleton is a very different person. She’s very quiet, not trying to change the royal family and not trying to do anything differently”.

“Kate is just like William. He doesn’t like the publicity and she doesn’t like to be in the public eye. The Duchess of Cambridge has been in the press. And there have been lots of stories about her over time”.

“However, not so quickly. But, she’s not breaking the rules in the same way as Meghan”.

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A royal author, Tom Bower also warned that no good would come of Meghan trying to be Diana.

“I don’t think anyone is out to get her. Honestly, I think she’s a victim of her own ambition. The tragedy of the story is, it’ll end in the same way unless someone steps in from the Palace”.

“Problem is there’s never been in the Palace someone who can step forward. And actually say ‘look Meghan, this is how you may have done it in Hollywood, but here in London we do it this way'”.