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Things the Duke of Edinburgh, Philip is doing after his retirement.


Prince Philip attended his last official royal engagement on behalf of the royal family in August of 2017. Now that he is retired, he has a lot of other things to do. 

We have a list of things he has actually started doing after his retirement.

These are those 7 ways through which we can say that he is enjoying his retirement to the fullest.


First and foremost thing for Prince Philip is a very long nap. This man has worked for the past 64 years and has almost attended 22,219 engagements.

If you focus on the numbers, that’s an average of 348 engagements a year. This means he worked way more days than he shouldn’t. And so, Prince Philip has earned it.


The Duke of Edinburgh went on nearly 637 solo overseas trips during his 64 years of service. But, how often did he just get away for the sake of getting away?

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So now that he has been retired for almost a year now, he has vacationed to his beautiful estate at Balmoral with the Queen. He is yet to vacation in other countries. He will probably visit Greece this time.


Prince Philip is retired and has nothing much to do. So, he often meets his great-grandchildren. According to some reports, Prince Philip really enjoys himself when he is with the newborn baby, Louis. 


Well, Prince Philip is a man of great intelligence. Due to so much of free time, he has developed a new hobby of gardening. In his free time, he is often in the gardens of the Buckingham Palace looking after his plants.


The Duke of Edinburgh, has been well-known for his one-liners. So, where does all that comes from? He has a lot of interest in reading some old-classic series. Who knows, maybe one day he publishes his own book.


Philip has always been the man of the sea. He was in the Royal Navy for over a decade before Queen Elizabeth became the reigning monarch. And now, he is reliving those moments of his life.

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According to reports, Prince Philip has always wanted to learn this game. And, there wasn’t really a time like this to learn a new card game. But now, he has mastered his skills in this game.