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All the things that happened at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding reception.

Meghan Markle

Prince Harry married Meghan Markle on Saturday in a star-studded, action-packed ceremony.That left many of us standing in a puddle of tears. It was just perfect.

Then, later that day, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex headed to the first of their wedding reception.

Here are some things that happened at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding reception.

The DJ also played Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

The party had plenty of house music which is also Prince Harry’s favourite, from a DJ who also played at Pippa Middleton‘s wedding. The reports also say, that the DJ was amazing.

James Corden hosted and Elton John played again.

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The late night funny man was the evening’s MC. And, Sir Elton John played a medley of four of his hits, which were: ‘Your Song, Tiny Dancer, Circle Of Life, and I’m Still Standing’. 

The cocktails were a play on Harry’s hair colour.

There was a rinks of the World-themed bar. And, it included a ginger and rum cocktail which was in a hilarious tribute to the groom’s red hair. It was actually named ‘When Harry Met Meghan”.

Prince William gave a naughty speech.

It’s a speech, no one talked about. Prince William apparently gave a very naughty speech during the evening dinner. But, there are no details about it at all. But, don’t worry guys. We are trying our best to get some information about it.

The food was impressive.

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According to some reports, Harry and Meghan served their guests organic canapes earlier in the evening. And then, they kept the party going with midnight snacks of dirty burgers and candyfloss.

And after this party, there *was* an after-party.

Following the late night reception, lots of royal guests went to London for an “after-after party”. The party took place at the uber-fancy Chiltern Firehouse in Marylebone. There was also a separate party planned in a soundproofed private home in Chelsea.