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The one thing that makes Queen Elizabeth different from other celebrities.


Her Majesty looks similar in most of her pictures. You’ve probably seen her in a perfectly-poised pose time and time again. But, an old picture reveals something else.

 Celebrity photographer, Rankin saw a different side of the Queen when he photographed her at Buckingham Palace.

It was in the year 2002. The image he captured has become one of her most unique pictures. The pictured he captured about 16 years ago, has made a huge headline now.

On talking to Rankin, he said:-

“I can’t really imagine having no choice. I was brought up to treat everybody as an equal. My aim is to try and judge people by who they are”.

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However, he said that after doing some research on Queen Elizabeth before his shoot, he realised there’s something that makes her different from all of the other celebrities he works with.

“Most people I work with want to be famous and successful. The Queen had no choice. She was born into it. The respect you’ve got to give somebody for having a commitment to God and country in that way is a really interesting perspective to have”.

“When you suddenly realise that, and consider the human being behind everybody, it made me have this tremendous respect for her. It gave me an absolute belief in her as being an incredible human being”.

Rankin also talked about his experience at Buckingham Palace. 

He said: “I was waiting for her in a room with three or four people from the house. I saw her walking down this really long hallway with a footman. They were both walking along chatting and laughing”.

On seeing her, I was like, ‘Oh my god, she’s human’. An amazing wave of power came with her when she walked in the door. We had a quick chat, she was very funny”. 

Rankin shot 100 frames in four minutes, and said when he got the contact sheet, every picture was terrible apart from the three where she was smiling.

He said: “She didn’t have a lot of pictures of her smiling at the time”.

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Rankin then sent some versions of the portrait to the Palace.

The Palace didn’t initially think it was appropriate for the Golden Jubilee. He then got a note saying that the Queen liked the stitching on the picture.

It was the closest thing to saying that she actually liked the picture of her, according to Rankin. He said:-

“She can’t say she likes the picture of herself because she’s the Queen. It was such a cool experience I had with them”