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A teen tried to assassinate Queen Elizabeth on one of her public engagements.


They never actually wanted us to know. But now, New Zealand has released secret documents confirming that a teen once tried to assassinate Queen Elizabeth.

The teen was not just fooling around, he was actually pretty much eager to kill Queen Elizabeth.

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Those who were present there at the time, were told the noise was just because of a falling signboard. Now, thirty-six years later, the truth has come out. It was no sound of a falling signboard, but was the sound of a gunshot.

It was aimed at our Queen, Queen Elizabeth.

The shot was fired from inside a toilet by an angry 17-year-old with an extensive criminal record. Though he missed his shot (Thank god for that). The details of this true event was revealed in January through a series of reports published by New Zealand news service Stuff. It was titled as: ‘The Snowman and the Queen’.

The New Zealand news department cited the story as told by a retired police officer who went public with his claims in 1997.

According to some reports, the government of New Zealand has confessed that, it attempted to cover-up on how close the teen came to have a monarch assassinated on its soil. The police officer has declassified New Zealand’s secret service documents detailing the investigation.

Wondering who was this teen?

His name is Christopher John Lewis from Dunedin. He is believed to have taken a shot at Queen Elizabeth during her trip to New Zealand in the year 1981. While this criminal was arrested by the police shortly after the incident, he was never charged.

He never actually identified his accomplices. Instead, he referred to them as Snowman and Polar Bear. All together, they formed what Lewis called as the ‘National Imperial Guerilla Army’.

The Police Terrorist Intelligence Unit was working overtime.

They cross-examined Lewis thoroughly. Eventually, he cracked. Under his guidance, the police found a .22 rifle with a discharged cartridge. It was at the place he said he had sniped from.

The documents also show that Lewis had positioned himself in a toilet on the fifth floor of a building overlooking the Otago Museum on October 14, 1981. He was waiting for an opportunity to get a clear shot, hopefully as Her Majesty left the car.

The reports also say that, his position only offered a poor line-of-site. The rifle he was using also didn’t have the power to be effective over such a huge distance.

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Lewis was detained for armed robbery and for burglary charges.

Lewis continued a life of crime, including armed robberies. And was eventually charged with attempt to murder. Lewis, at age of 33, killed himself at Mt Eden prison in 1997.