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The sweet hobby Princess Charlotte shares with Princess Diana.


Diana was a big time fan of dancing. Though, she was never allowed to pursue her hobby. But, Diana never left following it. She watched it every time she could.

But, our reports say, someone in the royal family loves dancing too.

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Princess Charlotte has something very special in common with both, her uncle, Prince Harry and her late grandmother, Princess Diana. Princess Charlotte simply loves to dance.

How do we know this for sure?

A few days back, the Duke of Cambridge, William during the Commonwealth Day reception, had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat, and his wife, Michelle Muscat.

He then, while speaking to them, revealed that his daughter, Prince Charlotte loves dancing a lot. Also, told them that it’s his daughter’s favourite hobby.

How did this topic came into the conversations?

According to our reports, Michelle had shared with Prince William that their daughters Etoile Ella and Soleil Sophie attend a stage school. Listening to this, the proud dad, Duke of Cambridge responded: “My daughter, Charlotte loves dancing”.

But this isn’t the first time the little Princess’s love of the art form has made news.

Back in August 2017, Kate Middleton shared that her daughter ‘loves to dance’ and is already taking lessons. The Duchess of Cambridge was seen saying: “She absolutely loves it”.

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Charlotte probably inherited her skills from her late grandmother, Diana. To this Prince William gave his comments saying:-

“She loved dancing and was truly a fantastic dancer. We have gone through her music collection recently, and there’s some quite eclectic stuff in there. She was elated by this skill. Maybe, this was the thing that let her keep going forward with all the things that happened with her”.