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Royal Surprise: Kate Middleton has planned something special for Meghan Markle.


Well, it’s the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan’s first pregnancy. And to make it memorable for her sister-in-law, Kate is doing all that she can for Meghan.

We hope, Meghan likes it.

It’s not really common or in fact, hardly heard of for royals to throw baby showers. However, that isn’t stopping Kate from throwing her sister-in-law, Meghan a “truly unforgettable” party ahead of her first arrival.

What is it really going to be like?

Well, according to Life & Style Magazine, Kate has already started planning a day which she believes will be “extra special” for Meghan Markle. The pair are closer than ever before.

This is big news especially since many already speculated that the royal would break the tradition by having a baby shower.

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However, some other tabloid believes it’d be close friends like, Priyanka Chopra or Jessica Mulroney organising the shower and not a fellow royal.

This would be the first time something like this will be happening.

And although Kate never threw a shower for any of her three children, she’s taking all the planning and preparation on board. She just wants to make Meghan’s day perfect.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now back in the UK after a busy 16-day tour. Next, Meghan and Kate are teaming up for a very special event on coming Saturday.

What all that event is about?

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Both will join their husbands in attending the Festival of Remembrance Service. This service is run by the Royal British Legion and is seen as a chance for them to thank all who served, sacrificed and changed the world we live in.

The event is black-tie and takes place in the Royal Albert Hall. William and Kate have both regularly attended the event. However, it’s going to be a first for Meghan and Harry.