Queen Elizabeth

The most awkward stories of Queen Elizabeth meeting famous celebrities.

Queen Elizabeth

As the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth has met a big share of famous faces while on the throne.

And, Queen Elizabeth has had her share of embarrassment too.

Wondering what are we talking about? Well, look at it yourself. 

Her Majesty apparently didn’t recognise Madonna: It was the premiere of James Bond’s film in the year 2002, and on meeting the pop star, the Queen reportedly questioned who she was. And, when someone told Queen Elizabeth that Madonna had performed the movie’s theme song, she replied: “Oh really, did you?”.

Michelle Obama broke the royal protocol and hugged Queen Elizabeth: When it comes to royal rules and regulations, you don’t touch Her Majesty unless it’s a handshake that too when she initiates. But, moments after politely shaking hands, the former First Lady offered the Queen a side-arm hug.

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The 96-year-old reigning monarch responded warmly and returned the gesture to Michelle. She showed that she’s okay bending the rules from time to time. Also, it ended up being a touching moment between the two.

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Queen Elizabeth fan-girls hard over David Beckham: According to some reports, the Queen always looked excited while greeting the legendary soccer player. Her excitement always made it seem like she was finally meeting her celebrity crush. And, they both do share good friendships.

Lady Gaga once bowed to the Queen, in quite the outfit: Well, according to the royal protocol, celebrities are required to dress in reserved attire when in the presence of Her Majesty.

However, Gaga, went with something pretty bold when greeting the Queen. There meeting was held after Gaga performed at the ‘Royal Variety Performance’ in 2009. Apparently, upon seeing the singer’s outfit, the Queen couldn’t help but giggle.

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Mickey Rooney Kissed Her Majesty once: Once again, touching the Queen, beyond a gentle handshake, is actually a strict no. So, when actor Mickey Rooney went for a quick kiss on her hand when first saying hello to the Queen, you can imagine how off-guard she was.

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