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Royal Step-Down: Queen to give away some of her duties to Meghan Markle.


The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan has already had quite the year as a new royal bride. And now, it looks like things are only going to get more involved for her.

Wondering why are we saying this?

Apparently, Her Majesty The Queen is set to hand over some of her royal duties and responsibilities to the new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan. 

These royal duties, Meghan will begin as soon as February.

According to some recent reports, Her Majesty is looking to lighten her work load and her schedule of royal duties. Well, this was likely, due to her age. The Queen is 92 years-old.

Reports also say that the monarch met with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle last week at Buckingham Palace for tea. And also, to discuss which of her patronages Meghan will take on.

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A royal patronage is when a royal lends their name and support a charity or organisation. It ranges from the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust to the Lawn Tennis Association.

Well, the Duchess of Sussex is not the only one.

Queen Elizabeth has increasingly been having other members of the royal family take on her patronages. This includes Prince William and Kate Middleton. And so, it’s not a surprise that Meghan will be getting her own.

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Royal insiders are speculating that the new royal bride will take on patronages that reflect her interest in feminism and the arts.

And it looks like we’ll soon find out which charities and organisations the Duchess of Sussex will get involved with. An official announcement is set to be made in February of 2019.

And apparently, Meghan Markle will be meeting with each new patronage before her due date. In all, it looks like the new royal bride is in for a busy couple of months.