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Charles Spencer says his sister Princess Diana would have been the ‘best grandmother’ to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


Princess Diana’s Brother, Charles Spencer reveals the private side of his ‘Incredibly Brave’ sister. Since Princess Diana’s death 20 years ago, Charles Spencer has been one of the most outspoken advocates of Princess Diana‘s legacy.

Diana’s final resting place is on the grounds of Althorp. Spencer’s current home is in Althorp. There the siblings’ shared their childhood home.

He gave a powerful eulogy at his beloved sister’s funeral and continues to talk about his sister’s impact today.

Out of all the tragic sides and aspects of Princess Diana’s early death, one sticks out to her brother, is the fact that she will never get to meet her grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

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Spencer was quoted saying:

“One of the great tragedies among the all is that my sister, Diana would have been the best grandmother ever”. A bright spot now is seeing memory lives on through her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry”.

“The best part I love in them is seeing the sort of uncomplicated way that they deal with people and put them at their ease. It’s very easy to connect the dots between them and their mother”.

“William, Harry and The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate are indeed keeping Diana’s memory alive through their own actions. What’s amazing to me is the passing of time. Now William and Catherine are nearly the same age as Diana when she died”. I love the fact that there’s still such veneration inside her immediate family for what she was, and what she actually meant. Well, I think that’s fantastic”.

In the days after Princess Diana’s death, Spencer was haunted by thoughts and dreams that he could have done something to save his elder sister from her tragic death.

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“I was furious, I wasn’t just angry. “I thought, what could have I possibly done. But then you always think, God, I wish I could’ve protected her. It was just devastating”, I always felt intensely protective towards her”.”

“One of the reasons I wanted to talk now is because I think after 20 years, someone shifts from being a contemporary person to a person of history actually. Diana, by all means, deserves a place in history”.