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The cryptic signal Prince Philip ‘uses to end conversations’

Prince Philip

Prince Philip has a particular trick to get out of lengthy chats. This comes alongside the Queen’s ‘secret signals’ used to move visitors along. 

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip is not known for mincing his words or being delicate when it comes to social niceties.

However, Prince Philip does have a subtle way of avoiding some unwanted conversation. It comes in contrast to Queen Elizabeth’s clever use of her handbag to send signals to her aides. She does it, so she can be extricated from a particular conversation. Royal historian Hugo Vickers, speaking in an interview, revealed Philip’s trick.

Prince Philip has a unique technique.

The Duke of Edinburgh, Hugo said, does a sweeping motion with his hands to avoid getting stuck in lengthy chats. As he shakes someone’s hand, he will ask a question and, as he does so, his hand swings from left to right. By the time his guest has answered the question, he has already moved on in the line-up, leaving them behind.

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Meanwhile, Her Majesty moves her handbag from one hand to other to indicate to aides that she wants to move along from a guest. Spinning the ring on her hand is another sign. It suggests that the Queen’s staff should move her along. 

Not only this, but Mr Vickers revealed a lot of other things as well. 

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Mr Vickers revealed that Queen Elizabeth has a secret buzzer in her audience room at Buckingham Palace. It is basically to alert her staff to come in and usher her guests away. Prince Charles is known to end conversations on a quick joke in order to break the flow and move on. 

However, his oft-noticed habit of fiddling with his cuff-links may not be a secret signal. According to body language expert Judi James, Charles performs these ritual ‘self-touches’ as a sign of anxiety. Speaking in an interview, Ms James said: “He does three or four little movements in a ritual. Charles’ grandfather did exactly the same rituals”.