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The tell-tale sign the Queen could be ready to step down from the throne.


The Queen was just 25-years-old when she became the Queen, and now reports say it could be an end of an era.

Her Majesty might be preparing to step down and make way for a new monarch.

Speculation has been surrounding the 92-year-old for quite some months now. She pulled out of a major royal event at the last minute due to ill health in June. The British government even performed a proper dress rehearsal for the death of Queen Elizabeth just a few weeks ago.

Now reports say there’s another big sign the matriarch could be about to abdicate. Her son Prince Charles is tipped to step into her shoes and take over the reign.

Earlier last week, it was revealed two of the Queen’s senior aides were set to leave the palace. Sally Osman, the Director of Royal Communications, and Steve Kingstone, the Queen’s Media Secretary making a departure.

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They are a part of the Queen’s trusted inner PR circle. The pair has been working overtime in the wake of the headlines caused by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. They even covered the fallout from Thomas Markle’s staged paparazzi scandal.

In May, Thomas made headlines after he very publicly pulled out of walking his daughter Meghan down the aisle after he was caught staging paparazzi photos.

Since then, he was reportedly paid over $13,000 for a tell-all interview with Good Morning Britain in June. There he spilt the details of how Harry had asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

With the royal family’s PR machine in overdrive trying to contain the damage, reports say Sally and Steve’s sudden departure could signal a serious shake-up in Buckingham Palace.

It’s seen some speculate that with the Queen could soon follow suit herself.

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“Their swift departure has also aroused further speculation the Queen could be stepping down to allow her son to take the throne,” as reported by Pratishtha Mahajan.