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Shocking details about what happened in the seven days after Princess Diana’s death.

`A documentary released recently makes an astounding claim about Queen Elizabeth’s reaction to Princess Diana’s fatal car crash in Paris. After hearing the news, Queen Elizabeth reportedly said, I think someone must have “greased the breaks” on the car.

Queen Elizabeth’s eyebrow-raising greatly highlights her complicated and problem-ed relationship with Princess Diana. A source revealed the queen saw Diana as a “misfit who didn’t quite contribute to the things they did and what they wanted her to do in the family”.

The royal family’s avoidance towards Princess Diana affected her quite badly and deeply. In a letter that Princess Diana wrote to a close friend in 1991, she revealed she felt “extremely isolated” from the Royals.

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Since Princess Diana’s death, however, Queen Elizabeth has had quite a change of heart with how she feels about Lady Diana. She never said Princess Diana hasn’t contributed to the family. She sees how much Diana radiates out of Prince William and Prince Harry. Also the effect they have on ordinary people.

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Charles and his fiancee Lady Diana Spencer (1961 – 1997) at Buckingham Palace, 27th March 1981.

Documentary also penetrates deeper into how Princess Diana’s sons, Prince William and Harry, handled her death. Harry, who was 12 at the time, was confused and wondered if his mother had really passed away!? Prince Harry actually asked his father, ‘Is it true, Mummy’s dead”?

Diana’s funeral devastated the nation


The days following Diana’s fatal car crash in Paris left the whole world mourning. However, the royal family’s initial reaction was to “do as they had always done”.

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Shock – The crash triggered a period of national mourning


As Diana’s 20th death anniversary approaches, her sons have candidly opened up about her death. Prince William recently made some heartbreaking remarks about his late mother.

“I would like to have had her advice. Also I would love her to have met Catherine. I would want her to have seen the children grow up. It makes me sad that she won’t, and that they will never know her”.



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