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The serious reason behind Queen Elizabeth’s sunglasses at her garden party.

Queen Elizabeth

It has been so many years, since Queen Elizabeth is hosting her garden parties. But, this very year, we got to see something different and strange about the Queen.

Did you all notice that too?

Queen Elizabeth, the world’s oldest monarch, was wearing sunglasses at her 2018’s garden party. Now, when we look at it, normally, it’s not something to speculate on. But, this particular time, it is.

Why are we saying this?

Well, Her Majesty, who is the longest reigning monarch, underwent a successful eye surgery last month. What for? To treat a cataract, Buckingham Palace confirmed on Friday. But, rather than cancelling public engagements, she sported fashionable sunglasses at several events.

Spokesperson of Buckingham Palace said:-

“I can confirm that Queen Elizabeth successfully underwent a short and planned procedure to treat a cataract last month”.

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Queen Elizabeth, who has been on the throne for more than 66 years, underwent the surgery. It is one of the most common operation performed in the United Kingdom, at London’s private King Edward VII hospital.

Yesterday, a smiling Elizabeth appeared without glasses to open the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries at London’s Westminster Abbey along with her son, Prince Charles.

Some information about the Queen’s surgery?

Cataracts are when the lens, a small transparent disc inside your eye, develops some cloudy patches. Over time, these patches usually become bigger causing blurry, misty vision and eventually leads to blindness.

Despite her age, Queen Elizabeth is known for her robust health. And, still carries out hundreds of engagements every year. Though, there have been times when she couldn’t make it to the engagement.

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One was in 2016. She missed the annual Christmas service she usually attends with her family on her estate in Sandringham, eastern England, due to a heavy cold. The other one was in 2013. She was then, taken to hospital for treatment for gastroenteritis. So, she cancelled her trip to Italy.