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A deep secret Queen Elizabeth didn’t want us to know about the Frogmore House.


The royal family has always been surrounded by the media. And so, is is hard to keep things from the public. However, there are things Her Majesty kept from us.

Wallis Simpson, who was banned from the United Kingdom, was laid to rest alongside the Duke of Windsor.

Frogmore House, one of the royal family’s many residences, came back into the news this past month. It was when we learned of its two new high-profile residents: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The new royal couple will be moving there next year.

It may surprise some royal watchers, that the Duchess of Sussex will not be the first Duchess from America with a connection to Frogmore House. The first one would be Wallis Simpson. 

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Simpson is buried next to her husband, the onetime King Edward VIII. She is buried in the Royal Burial Ground at Frogmore House.

Although they share the grounds with several other members.

Some of them include, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Her and her husband’s graves were purposely placed at a distance.

In 1936, the Duke of Windsor became the first British sovereign to abdicate voluntarily. The Church of England forbid a King from marrying a divorcée if her husband was still alive.

So, Edward renounced the throne in order to marry the twice-divorced Wallis Simpson. The abdication and resulting scandal caused the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to be ostracized from the royal family.

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The Queen confronted Wallis Simpson once. 

On June 5th 1972, Duchess of Windsor was finally allowed back into the royal fold for Edward VIII’s funeral. There, she was asked by Queen Elizabeth, which side of her husband’s grave did she wish to be placed?

Wallis chose to the left. She liked the idea, she said, of the leaves of the plane tree falling on her grave in the autumn.