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The secret meaning behind this one picture of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Out of all those thousands of pictures of Harry and Meghan’s wedding, this one stood out too. It’s taken directly from above and shows something special.

Here, the new bride and groom are holding hands on their carriage ride around Windsor.

Some, are calling the picture ‘Princess Diana’s view’ of her son, Prince Harry’s big day. While the others, called attention to how their bodies seem to form the shape of a heart.

We spoke to photographer, Yui Mok about his experience at the wedding, how he got that iconic overhead shot?

His assignment was to take crowd and atmosphere shots:-

“I was assigned by our Picture Editor, Martin Keene to a place on top of the George IV Gateway. That overlooks the entirety of the Long Walk. It’s the kind of photograph you take once in a lifetime. But, only if you’re lucky”.

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“The initial plan was for me to capture the carriage procession making its way along the Long Walk. It was flanked by the many thousands of well-wishers who had lined the route”. 

“It would make for a marvellous general view, or what we photographers call a ‘GV,’. That would show an overview of the turnout, the colour, and the scale of the occasion. My pictures were to provide atmospheric support to the key shots that my colleagues in various other positions would be shooting”.

The heart shape some people see in the picture. 

“I honestly didn’t notice at the time. As I was concentrating on the timing of the carriage passing underneath me. But, many people have seen the bride and groom’s bodies forming the rough shape of a heart in the photograph. That is also symbolising the love they have for each other”.

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On taking a once-in-a-lifetime picture. 

“In general, I felt a huge sense of relief when my job was done. I encountered no technical hitches, and I came away with the bonus of a very unusual, serendipitous picture. That has subsequently touched and moved millions of people around the world. It’s the kind of picture you take once in a lifetime”.