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What is the secret behind Prince Harry and Barack Obama’s blossoming friendship?


Prince Harry and former United States President, Barack Obama, have become firm friends now. Harry’s appearance at Obama’s Foundation Summit’ has just strengthened their “special relationship”.

The high-profile pair was spotted once again in public together at Prince Harry’s Invictus Games in the month of September.

There, according to the reports, Mr Obama was comfortable enough to quiz the 33-year-old over his blossoming romance with Meghan Markle. Now, recently on Tuesday, both rekindled their so-called bromance when Harry took to the stage at Barack Obama’s event to in Chicago.

The Royal took the pride of place. He was just one row behind Mr Obama and his wife Michelle. But this was just another date in a long list of engagements between the friends since they first met at the Oval Office back in October 2015.

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At that time Mr Obama, serving as United States president, thanked Harry for his visit. 


“It is a testament to the special relationship, the incredible bond that we share between our two countries. And that bond continues into the next generation of leadership that His Royal Highness represents”.

Seven months later in April 2016, the Obama’s travelled to London where they met Prince Harry at Kensington Palace. This is where the Royal introduced his new American friends to his brother, Prince William and his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. This very moment marked the first time the young Royals had entertained a head of state at their home.

Another impression of a blossoming friendship, in May 2017 Mr Obama dropped into Kensington Palace. There the pair, Mr Obama and Harry sat down for a chat over developments in their respective countries.


“The meeting was to discuss support for veterans, mental health, conservation and to empower young people. Both of them were actually working of their respective foundations”.

Mr Barack Obama tweeted: “Good to see my friend, Prince Harry in London to discuss the work of our foundations & offer condolences to victims of the Manchester attack”.

In September 2017, the world was shocked to see Prince Harry and Mr Obama giggling in the stands of a wheelchair basketball game. They were even posing for selfies, at the Royal’s very own ‘Invictus Games’ in Toronto.

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Well, to return the favour, Prince Harry was in Chicago this very week. He wanted to show his support for Mr Obama, where he took to the stage at a global summit aiming to cultivate a new generation of leaders.


“We have to listen to the younger generation. This is because they are the cure of some of the world’s biggest problems”. While Mr Obama and his wife looked on.
Both of them have many shared interests: Sports, games, doing good in the world, significant others whose names start with “M.”