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Schooling of the Royal Family: How Have the British Royals Been Educated?


Fans of the Royal Family are always excited and fascinated to know about the education of the members of the Royal Family.

Here is all the information about the Royal education of the members of the Royal Family.


The Queen was schooled at home itself in the Buckingham Palace. She was trained and educated by tutors, alongside her sister, Princess Margaret. Their governess was Marion Crawford. The private Royal tutors included the senior academic of Eton, Henry Marten. As then Princess Elizabeth was not socializing outside the palace walls, a Girl Guide company was created. It was the 1st Buckingham Palace Company. It was created so she could mix with girls of her own age.


Prince of Wales, Charles received his private Royal tuition in the Buckingham Palace nursery. It was before attending Hill House in West London. It was a mixed-gender school that specializes in educating children to be in a world community. At the age of 8, Prince Charles took after his father, Prince Philip by going to Che-am in Berkshire. It was a mixed school with a fishing lake, shooting range and sensory garden.

At the age of 13, Charles went to Gordounston in Scotland, as his father had. But then he hated the experience and also said he felt lonely and very much isolated. Prince Charles then headed to Trinity College, Cambridge. He was studying archaeology and anthropology. But as his son was to do many years later, he changed his mind during his course and graduated with 2.2 in history.

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Harry indeed followed his big brother, Prince William to Mrs Mynor’s. Also at the end of his first day, he peered at the waiting paparazzi through a pair of his special ‘binoculars’ made from toilet tissue rolls.

He then followed Prince William to Wetherby, Ludgrove, and Eton, where he developed a reputation as the class clown. It has also been rumoured that, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Much less academic than his big brother, Harry left school with two A levels, a B in art and a D in geography.

Harry is the only one among his Royal cousins so far who hasn’t gone to any university. He had never been academic. He followed in the footsteps of his uncle and godfather, Prince Andrew by going straight into the military.


Prince William was the first future monarch to attend nursery beyond the palace walls. He was a pupil at Mrs Mynor’s near his home of Kensington Palace from the very small age of 3. He then attended nearby Wetherby School from the age of 4 years to 8.

From the age of 8, Prince William was a boarder at Ludgrove School in the middle of the Berkshire countryside. There, boys were encouraged to build dens and camps in the woodland and grow their own flowers and vegetables in the shared gardens. The Duke of Cambridge attended Eton College from the age of 13.

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The school had always had a Royal connection as it was set up in 1440 by Henry VI, but it hadn’t been attended by the Royalty for many years. He was in a prestigious perfect society called Pop. He left with three A-levels: an A in geography, B in history of art, and C in biology.


Prince George started his education at Westacre Montessori School in Norfolk in January 2016 at the age of two and a half. Also, he has spent the past 18 months learning through experience in the traditional Montessori environment. This method involves teachers guiding rather than talking at the pupils and helping them learn by various examples.

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Now, he has started his schooling at Thomas’s Battersea. The little Prince is already headed into a world where pupils are discouraged from having best friends as it could leave other children feeling ostracized. The Battersea area of London seems a left-field choice for Prince William and Kate, especially since there is a Thomas’s in Kensington where they live.