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Sarah Ferguson: How William and Kate’s relationship sparked great regret for the Duchess.


Sarah Ferguson has recently spoken of her great regret when she saw William marry Kate during their star-studded 2011 Royal Wedding.

 The Duchess of York opened up about her mistakes in a candid interview.

In the interview she also told how bride-to-be Kate reminded her of herself when she tied to the knot to Prince Andrew on July 23, 1986. Sarah told how she shared the same experiences as the Duchess of Cambridge when both women married an heir to the throne.

Sarah wasn’t invited to Kate and Prince William’s Westminster Abbey nuptials.

But, Sarah revealed how she felt in the moment she watched Kate Middleton walk down the aisle. Speaking on a TV show, she said: “I was that bride and at 25-years-old, I went down the aisle of Westminster Abbey”.

“It caused me to have great soul searching on regret, on all the things, you look at”.

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Sarah Ferguson paved the way for her exit from the royals in 1992. It was when pictures emerged of her receiving a toe-sucking from oil tycoon John Bryan. He was described as her financial adviser.

In 1992 the Duke and Duchess of York finally announced their separation.

The scandalous divorce came after photographs emerged of Fergie with her toes in the mouth of Texan financial advisor Mr Bryan. Andrew and Sarah were still married at the time. 

But the pair, who have two daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie, still remain firm friends and even share a residence. Although, Sarah has not been an official member of the Royal Family in 20 years.

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Looking back on the turbulent years, She admitted she had made mistakes.

In 2011, she said: “I reflect on the past, reflect on what it is like to make thunderous mistakes. Not only this, I have made huge lapses of judgement”.

“Had I not had this great faith or great belief for life, my children and my ex-husband, I certainly wouldn’t be here”.