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Sarah Ferguson reveals how she deals with online trolls.

Sarah Ferguson

Sarah ‘Fergie’ Ferguson has spoken about the “jabs” she’d been hit with on social media and how she deals with trolling online. 

The cyberbullying advice came from Sarah during an interview via satellite on Good Morning Britain. There she spoke about children’s education.

When asked about recent negative comments dished out to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, Fergie revealed how she speaks to daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie about such issues.

Sarah Ferguson said:-

“I find this whole social media bullying really frightening for myself. Let alone for my girls Beatrice and Eugenie”. When asked about how she personally deals with the negativity and pressures that come from the online world, the Duchess of York admitted a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ mentality helps.

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Sarah said: “It’s okay to be yourself. Don’t really try and compete with the next door neighbour. Just be yourself. If you’re red-haired, full of life, like me, and full of colour, everyone’s going to sometimes go to take jabs at you”.

“And, all you have to do is, get up, and just get on with it. The most important thing is that you should never give up. That’s what I’ve done. I am in my 60th year now, and still standing”.

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The Duchess of York was also asked about the younger royals.

While speaking to the public, the not so glamorous cause, the 59-year-old was asked how she feels about the younger royals, they raise awareness for less obvious charities. Some of them includes Meghan’s recent visit in Bristol to an organisation providing outreach to sex workers.

Applauding the soon-to-be royal mother, in a very tactful way, Sarah said: “I think that anybody that’s on the public stage speaking out should be absolutely honoured and heralded. I believe very strongly that I am so lucky. I have been at this for 32 years now”.