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Samantha Markle will make $180,000 on baby Sussex. How?

Samantha Markle

With baby Sussex due in spring, Samantha, has already started lining up interviews with talk shows and TV programs at $3,600 per hour.  

She’s infamous for vocally criticising Meghan one minute, defending her the next. Samantha is set to keep up the pattern as she cashes in on the royal baby hype to the tune of $180,000.

She’s also set to appear in two royal TV documentaries and release two books that coincide with Meghan’s spring due date. One will be hitting the shelf in April and the other in June. Is it really a coincidence or a premeditated step?

Well, we would like to believe that its just a coincidence.

In ‘The Shadow of The Duchess’ parts, part 1 and part 2 will reportedly share intimate details about the Duchess of Sussex’s childhood, her relationship with her family and the bond between herself and half-sister Samantha. Meghan’s half-sister tweeted just weeks ago that:-

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“You will love some of the pictures in my book. Those pictures also refute any of your nasty troll gossip that we did not have a life together. A source close to Samantha has defended her media engagements. As he insisted that there’s nothing wrong with her “cash-grabbing” attitude.

The source told The Mirror UK.:-

“Samantha has every right to celebrate the birth of her niece or nephew in spring. And she will talk about her connection to Meghan, as they are family. She does not have an outlandish lifestyle. Samantha has never been given a penny by Meghan. And so, so she has every right to earn her own money in this way”.

The news of her television and book deals, as well as her many planned interviews, has left royal fans fuming that she continues to be given a platform to discuss the sister she reportedly has no relationship with.

Royal fans were quick to share their opinions on Samantha’s latest ‘money grabbing’ plans.

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“Who needs enemies when Samantha is around? What a money-grabbing media is this, one fan tweeted. The other said: “Why does anyone still bother listening to anything she has to say? While she sits in her negativity and hates all day, Meghan is living her best and blessed life and that angers her”.

But in March of 2018 Samantha was singing a different tune. She tweeted: “Take any money that the public thinks I want and give it to starving people in Africa or India, Meghan”.

Now it seems that Samantha will be sticking to media appearances to pay the bills. And she will likely be popping up a lot as we come closer to the birth of baby Sussex.