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Horrendous news for Princess Eugenie before the wedding.


Well, the time is almost here, for the second royal wedding of this year. The things planned for the wedding, are now into action with full speed.

Well, there is something that has come up just recently.

Well, we all know that the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla has a soft corer for Princess Eugenie. Both share a strong and a close bond. There strong bond was seen just a few months back.

According to some reports, Camilla and Eugenie were upset with Meghan and Kate. And so, they had a heated conversation regarding the wedding dates. 

The bad news for Eugenie.

Over the weekend we learned that Camilla Parker Bowles will not be attending Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank. 

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According to some reports, Prince Charles’s better half has a prior engagement. The Duchess of Cornwall will be occupied with a work-related matter that was scheduled before the date of her step-niece’s wedding was revealed.

Royal expert, Victoria Arbiter said:-

“It’s duty first. I know it seems odd that Camilla’s missing Eugenie’s wedding but it doesn’t indicate any malice or ill-feeling. I ma sure enough that royals don’t like to disappoint”.

“Given she’d already committed to attending a school event, for her, it’s her duty first”.

Well, Camilla will be visiting a school in Scotland. Though it’ll be a bummer to miss the wedding, it would be even more heartbreaking to disappoint children.

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Arbiter adds:-

“It is very likely that Camilla will have explained to Eugenie why she couldn’t attend her wedding. The pair have been photographed together on multiple royal occasions”. 

We’re assuming there will be no bad blood between the royals.