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Royal staff say Prince Harry has changed and they have some very harsh comments

Prince Harry

Apparently, staff members working for Kensington Palace think the Prince has changed since he married Meghan Markle and they’re not very happy at all. 

The royal staff thinks that the Duke of Sussex, Harry who is also going to be a father soon, has changed. And they don’t have anything good to say.

In fact, they have gone so far as to say that the soon-to-be father is now grumpy. And, if it’s true, it’s a marked change in demeanour to the affable Harry people know and love. Now, we’re inclined to take these reports with a pinch of salt as Prince Harry appears to be in great form whenever he’s pictured out and about.

However, it seems that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex together are a high-maintenance combination.

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These remarks come courtesy of Duncan Larcombe. He is an award-winning journalist who was also a royal editor for a British tabloid for over a decade. Chatting to Page Six, he said:-

“Prince Harry has become “quite grumpy and aloof from his own inner circle of staff. Not only this, he has been quite pally with them previously. So, this change in character is very unlike him”.

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Well, the story is not just over yet. Duncan had more to say. He then went on to say that the soon-to-be royal father, Harry never used to take himself seriously. But, now he does. And many royal sources have put this change down his relationship and marriage to the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan.

The royal couple is expecting their first baby this spring. So it’s an exciting time for the family with Duchess Meghan sharing the news that the little one is due to arrive in either late April or early May.