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An important royal parenting trick we, as parents, need to try.


Do royals handle their kids just like us? With all the tantrums and naughtiness do they get frustrated? Well, they are parents with kids who all have same tendencies.

Royal’s parenting gestures point out a trick which can lead to good communication.

We have been observing Prince William and Kate Middleton as parents for a while now. And we love seeing them as parents. If you do too, you can see their hands on approach to parenting. 

Let’s start from the time when the Duke of Cambridge, William was seen talking to George at Charlotte’s christening. 

Prince William was seen explaining his son about something. While talking to his son, he knelt down. He is always seen kneeling down when talking to his children. It’s not only the case with William but Kate Middleton does it too. We can often see them talking to their children like that.

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Why do they opt out for this measure?

Parenting experts advise that this way of communicating works wonders. By taking this step, your child gets a feeling of importance and feels what they are saying has some worth. They can actually look you in the eyes, see and feel that you are really listening actively. It indeed encourages and motivates them to communicate even more with you.

When you, as a parent get down to your kids level, it truly gives them the sense of importance which also helps improve their self-esteem. When Mr Obama came to meet Prince George, he was seen kneeling down while talking.

Just imagine talking to people who are three times your size all the time? You wouldn’t feel good looking at their knees all the time and probably feel very much inferior. 

Moreover, Queen Elizabeth is not very happy with William’s habit.

Probably because Prince William was seen continuing his habit when it was not the time to go on. On an official event, Prince William got scolded by the Queen. It was at the time ‘Trouping the colour’ event. 

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ATTENTION: Crouching or standing, if you are really not present, will make your child feel frustrated. Doing something with your phone is a big no if you want to establish good communication with your kid.