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ROYAL OUTRAGE: Queen Elizabeth statue DEFACED with anti-royal graffiti.


A Statue of Her Majesty has been defaced with offensive graffiti for the second time since it was unveiled in July of 2018. Well, this has lead to many things now.

It has been described as a mindless and criminal act.

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The £225,000 tribute to the Queen, in Gravesend, was originally commissioned in 2016 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday and now stands as a commemoration of the world’s longest reigning monarch.

But, it turns out to be much more problematic. 

Since its instalment in St Andrews Gardens, the landmark has become a target for vandals. In fact, just 1 day ago, the word ‘parasite’ was sprayed in red paint at the bottom of the statue.

Gravesend Borough Council leader, David Turner said:-

“We are extremely disappointed that someone has vandalised the plinth that Queen Elizabeth’s statue stands upon. It is a mindless and a criminal act and we have passed the information to the police who are investigating it”.

“We are currently waiting for the professional stone mason that installed the plinth to advise us of the best way to remove the graffiti. It would be done without damaging the beautiful Portland stone”.

Many locals in Gravesend were furious at the gimmick and expressed their outrage on social media.

One wrote: “I just knew this would happen but didn’t think so soon. Surely CCTV on it, as must of cost thousands?”

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Another added: “Whether or not you like the Queen there is no excuse for wanton damage”.

The sculpture of the Queen had been on show for just one day before it was pictured with a cone on its head – a prank one witness described as “typical Gravesend”.