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Royal Mirage: Kate Middleton wore the same dress as Meghan Markle.


The Duchess of Cambridge has no shortage of income but usually, she repeats the occasional outfit. She does it in a bid to remind everyone that the Royals are just like the rest of us.

It very well seems Kate and Meghan are linked by more than their royal beaus.

The two women also seem to share a love of ‘Diane von Furstenberg’s designs’. We can clearly see that they are destined to be style soul mates.


Kate Middleton was spotted out Tuesday night for a charity gala in support of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families. There she wore a black lace gown by the popular designer.

It indeed seems that the future Royal mother of three quite adores the look. This is because she’s worn it before. In 2014, the Duchess of Cambridge, who likes to recycle outfits, donned the dress for the Royal Variety Performances. There she even met some of the night’s famous performers like the guys of ‘One Direction’.

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However, that dress didn’t look familiar solely because of Middleton’s clear penchant for the lace design. Her certainly future sister-in-law, has also donned a type of Furstenberg’s Zarita lace gown. The only difference was, instead of the floor length, Meghan Markle stepped out on the red carpet in the cocktail version at a 2012 event.


It’s not the very first time the two women’s fashion sense has overlapped. Whether they’re rocking off the shoulder dresses or all-white looks, the women seem to share similar sartorial tastes.

Well, for now, it’s unclear if either woman is taking style cues from the other. But it certainly looks like they would have a lot in common if they ever go on a ‘Royal shopping spree’ together.

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With the world anxiously and desperately waiting for a ‘Royal Engagement’ announcement, it may be only a matter of time before the brothers’ leading women are making fashion statements together.

“While Meghan Markle may not be wearing a ring or a formal engagement announced, it’s fair to say they’re as good as engaged now. They’ve spoken about their Royal marriage plans openly with each other, friends and family. They are pretty much thinking about wedding attire already”.